What Is Optos™ Retinal Imaging?

Retinal exams are a digital evaluation of the back of your eyes. They allow your doctor a thorough examination of the condition of your retina. They also allow a checkup of the state of underlying blood vessels and the optic disk.


Traditional imaging methods allow only a view of 15 percent of the retina at a time. On the other hand, Optos™ retinal imaging allows for a 90 percent view of the retina.


Optos Retinal Imaging


Optos retinal imaging is a high-resolution technology that allows for ultra-widefield images of your retina. It is painless, comfortable, and fast. One panoramic image allows for a 90 percent view of the back of the eye, including the retina. The images provide fine details of your retina and changes in blood flow. They will also show signs of macular degeneration.


Optos retinal imaging provides a more efficient process than alternatives since it only takes a second to capture retinal images. The doctor can use these images for a more in-depth understanding of your eyes.


How Does It Work?


Optos retinal imaging takes pictures of your eyes one at a time. With the assistance of a doctor, you will look into the device and position your eye into place. You will then experience a short flash of light, which is the most uncomfortable part of the exam. Unlike traditional retinal imaging, it takes less than a second to complete. It also provides better and more comprehensive images.


Why Is It Important?


Retinal imaging is part of the retinal exam. It is important since it enables the doctor to detect early signs of issues with your eyes and retina.  Optos retinal imaging is the most efficient way to detect retinal disease early.


It allows for early detection and protection from visual impairment or blindness. It can also help detect signs of things such as diabetes, stroke, and some cancers. These diseases have some of their first signs showing up in your eyes. Optos retinal imaging will help you see these issues early and address them before they get worse.


Is It Safe for Everyone?


The technology is safe for everyone, even children. It is important for children to do, as many visual problems start as early as childhood. Optos retinal imaging will help capture issues early and ensure that your child receives quality eye care. It is also safe, effective, and fast whether you wear eyeglasses or not.


Benefits of Optos Retinal Imaging


The immediate advantage of Optos retinal imaging is the images are readily available since the process takes about a second. The doctor can immediately compare the recent images with the earlier ones. It will help them detect and start managing any eye disease that may develop.


The technology is also non-invasive and comfortable. There is no discomfort from dilation like in the traditional retinal exams. In some cases, there may be a need for dilation due to the condition of the eyes.


For more information on Optos Retinal Imaging, contact Lakhani Vision Care at our office in Marietta, Georgia. You can call us at (770) 509-9932 to book an appointment today.

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