8 Contact Lens Care Tips for Healthy Eyes

Do you wear contact lenses? If so, you know how convenient they can be. No more fogging up of glasses, improved peripheral vision, and a more natural appearance. But as with eye care, proper contact lens care is essential for maintaining healthy eyes. Consider the following tips:


Wash Your Hands


Washing your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap before handling your contacts is crucial. Removing any dirt or bacteria on your hands can lessen the chance of infection.


Use the Right Solution


Using the right contact lens solution is crucial to maintain the health of your eyes. Saline, hydrogen peroxide, and multipurpose solutions are among the different solutions available. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using the solution. Refrain from mixing different types of solutions.


Clean Your Lenses Properly


To prevent dirt and bacteria from building up on the surface of your lenses, you must clean them frequently. Use the solution recommended by your eye doctor and follow the instructions carefully. Avoid using tap water to clean your lenses, as it may contain harmful bacteria.


Replace Your Lenses Regularly


Contact lenses have a lifespan. You must replace them regularly to maintain healthy eyes. Discard daily disposable lenses after each use. Other types of lenses may need replacement every two weeks or monthly. Be sure to follow the recommended replacement schedule provided by your eye doctor.


Store Your Lenses Properly


When not in use, store your lenses in a clean and dry case. Use a fresh solution each time you store them, and be sure to replace the case regularly to prevent contamination.


Avoid Sleeping in Your Lenses


Sleeping in contact lenses can increase the risk of infection and other eye problems. Always remove them before bed and follow your eye doctor's recommended wearing time.



Avoid Swimming With Your Lenses


The risk of eye infections can increase when swimming with contact lenses. This is due to the possibility of bacteria and other dangerous chemicals getting stuck behind the lens. Wear protective goggles if you must swim while wearing your lenses.


Visit Your Eye Doctor Regularly


Regular eye exams are vital in maintaining eye health and ensuring your contact lenses function correctly. Your eye doctor at Lakhani Vision Care can also guide proper contact lens care. They can also recommend changes in your lens or solution type if necessary.

Following these contact lens care tips is crucial to maintaining the health of your eyes. Eye infections are avoidable with proper lens care and maintenance. It ensures that your lenses function correctly and lowers the risk of corneal ulcers and other eye issues. 

Follow these tips to avoid discomfort, vision problems, and permanent eye damage. 




Proper contact lens care is essential for keeping your lenses in good condition and maintaining healthy eyes. You may enjoy the comfort of contact lenses while protecting the health of your eyes by using the above suggestions.

For more information on contact lenses, visit Lakhani Vision Care at our Marietta, Georgia office. Call 770-509-9932 to schedule an appointment today.

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